Podkarpacka Foundation for the Development of Culture has been operating since 2009. 

The major projects of the Foundation are:

1. The International Piano Forum "Bieszczady without boundaries" in Sanok

2. The International Festival "Bieszczady without boundaries" in Carpathian Euroregion

3.Wawer Music Festival in Warsaw

4. The Master School of Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy in Sanok together with the Center for Arts Education by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

5.The International Master Courses for Piano Tuners in Sanok together with Yamaha Music Europe company

6.The Master Competitions for Music Teachers in Warsaw together with Yamaha Music Europe company

7. The European Festival of Music Academies in Warsaw

8.Publishing activity of "Scientific Papers of Forum" together with CENSA (EN: Art School Teachers Education Center) by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Warsaw

PFRK is constantly extending its range of activities and a group of new partners, with a particular emphasis on high value of organized projects. The projects of PFRK are becoming more and more popular, which is confirmed by increasing from year to year the number of participants and the audience.  The organized cultural activities promote international cooperation and exchange of experiences between young people and educators from all over the world. For the next editions are invited for the new projects  personalities from the world of business and culture so that young artists learn the possible use of these fields to develop their talents and professions. PFRK intends to continue the aid tasks for young artists by enabling them to participate in performances, concerts, through granted scholarships, to participate in individual, free lessons with the renowned educationists. Promotion and dissemination of classical music on culturally neglected areas, increasing the social and cultural activities of citizens, as well as shaping young people through music education,are the most important aims that are set by us for the following years of our activities.

Aims of the Foundation

The aims of the Foundation are as follows:

  1. Supporting the education and development of young Polish pianists;
  2. Supporting artistic creativity in all its forms;
  3. Sustaining national tradition, cultivating of Polish culture as well as development of national, civic and cultural consciousness;
  4. Development of a sense of local identity among the inhabitants of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship;
  5. Supporting international cooperation and integration, with particular attention to the Region of Carpathian Mts., and especially the music culture of Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine
  6. Supporting social initiatives complying with objectives of the Foundation;
  7. Developing and strengthening attitudes focused on an active contribution to the development of civil society;
  8. Educational, publishing and research activities;
  9. Promotion and exchange of national and international experience in the field of artistic creativity, and in particular the musical culture.